Growth Marketing Cheat Sheet

On a scale from 1 to 10, please rate yourself as to the effectiveness and consistency that you apply these proven marketing strategies. If nothing is being done at all, this would qualify as a zero. Ranking it as a ten would mean that you are mastering it.

The purpose of this Cheat Sheet is for you to conduct an honest assessment of your current level of marketing and sales, as well as look at where you could improve your growth opportunities.

# Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • We have a written Marketing & Sales strategy that I work from
  • Marketing & Sales is a top priority in our daily and weekly planning
  • We work on marketing and sales strategies and activities every day
  • We work with a consultant or mentor to help improve by marketing and sales
  • We routinely read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos, attend conferences, etc. in order to improve my marketing and sales

# Email Marketing

  • We have an updated email list of past and current clients, as well as sales leads
  • We send good content to our email list at least once a week
  • We are actively growing our email list

# Referrals

  • We have a referral program in place
  • We continually ask for referrals
  • We give rewards to those who refer to us

# Google My Business (GMB)

  • Our Google My Business listing exists
  • We routinely generate positive reviews for our GMB site
  • We post content and announcements on our GMB site

# Online Advertising

  • We use Google AdWords to generate leads and new customers
  • We use Facebook Advertising to generate leads and new customers
  • We use Instagram Advertising to generate leads and new customers
  • We use YouTube Advertising to generate leads and new customers
  • We use LinkedIn Advertising to generate leads and new customers
  • We use retargeting strategies to get our brand in front of past customers and those who visited our website and social content

# Social Media

  • We actively post fresh content and posts to our Facebook page
  • We actively post fresh content and posts to our Instagram page
  • We actively post fresh content and posts to our LinkedIn page
  • We use automated systems to reshare our content, over and over, per a schedule
  • Our employees & partners post positive content about our brand on their social channels

# YouTube Videos

  • We have a YouTube channel for our brand
  • We routinely create videos which give insights, answer common questions
  • We optimize our videos so they can be found by interested people
  • We use our videos as part of our retargeting strategy
  • We share our YouTube videos on social media

# Website Optimization

  • We actively pay for SEO services which are effective
  • We have a FAQ page on our website
  • We actively add new content to our blog
  • Our website routinely generates new leads and customers for us

# Online Reviews

  • We have a Yelp listing
  • We have many positive reviews on Yelp
  • We rank high, locally, in Yelp’s search results for our top keywords
  • We republish our positive reviews on our website
  • We republish our positive reviews on social media and email

# Direct Mail

  • We send some type of mail to our past and existing clients
  • We conduct direct mail campaigns to reach new, potential customers

# Community Events

  • We are involved in community events, getting our brand known locally
  • We put on events at our office to get in new customers, and activate past ones
  • We do events with local schools, clubs and/or religious organizations
  • We sponsor local events and/or teams

# Local Business Groups

  • We belong to the local Chamber and are active in it
  • We belong and are active with other business networking events
  • Our sales people are active in local networking events

# Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

  • We have strategic partnerships with other brands, such as cross marketing, referrals or co-advertising campaigns
  • We develop new alliances with other brands so as to tap into their resources and audiences, as well as share ours with them

# Public Speaking

  • The leaders of our brand speak at local events and conferences
  • We develop our leaders with public speaking skills and know-how

# Publicity & PR

  • We use press releases
  • We publish our good works and accomplishments through our blog, social media and/or email
  • Your leaders are featured as guests on podcasts, blogs, newsletters, events and videos

# Marketing Analysis Questionnaire

What have been your top three marketing strategies, currently and/or in the past, in generating new customers and more revenue?

Based on the Cheat Sheet you just reviewed, what are the top three changes that you would like to make in your marketing to generate even more new customers and revenue?

Based on your knowledge of your industry, what do you see other leaders and competitors doing successfully with their marketing that you are not doing?