# Your Real Estate Website is Dying, But That’s Okay

Let us dispel Big Marketing Myth No. 1: Your amazing website is going to be the centerpiece of your marketing and lead generation success. Yes, you heard me. The website as the centerpiece of your digital marketing and lead generation success is a dying model.

If you survey 100 real estate agents regarding what they are doing to brand and market themselves online, 98 percent will point to their “pretty” website as their prime action.

According to Chartbeat (a web analytics company), a stunning 55 percent of website visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds actively on a web page. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most users stick around less than 59 seconds.

So, if you do not capture the user’s attention (and identity) in less than a single minute, you have likely lost them forever. In other words, no matter how stunning or expensive your website is, the majority of people will be there for less than one minute.

And what are they looking for in this fleeting minute? How to conduct their due diligence is the Number One reason.

Website visitors want to find your phone number and email address easily. Yes, having a nice website is important, but having a website that is USER FRIENDLY and easily found online is actually much more important. A common mistake with real estate websites is too much information. A website filled with tons of data and links can push people off of, and away from, your site.

I recommend a short video (less than 59 seconds) and a lead-capture box as prime content on your homepage, because you want your website to generate leads, right?

I realize that it sounds weird to think that we could give people too much information – to give people all the information so they can make an informed decision. However, in reality this hardly ever works.

Instead, potential customers are lost and overwhelmed with too much content. As a result, they bounce off your site.

For your home page, less is more. Really. So, do not give your online visitors too many options, once they land on your page.

“A confused mind never buys.”

# What Your Audience Actually Wants

As a successful Realtor, you are not going to build the perfect website and have this digital property become the main venue to increase your leads.

Truthfully, it should be utilized as a means for prospects to find out how to engage with you. This should be the number one activity for your potential customer when visiting your website.

The number two reason will be to view the homes you are selling. Other reasons are insignificant in terms of generating new leads and higher sales.

A small percentage will read your “About Me” page, but this is not what they are searching for: They are looking for someone to help them.

That said, do not get me wrong. You do want a professional website that positions your brand correctly. But what prospective customers want is to be able to reach you and to engage with you for assistance.

A beautiful website that “showcases your brand,” yet generates little to no viable amount of leads, loses sight of why you are marketing in the first place.

Mastering Lead Generation