# Why You Need to Stop Proposing to Every Lead You Meet

When it comes to marketing most businesses are doing it wrong – they ask for far too much too soon. If you think about marketing and sales like dating you will quickly see why you need to stop proposing to every lead you meet .

Think about it for a second, you may be to find someone to marry but walking up to someone you have never met and saying “Hi, nice to meet you. Wanna get married?” is going to come off a bit strong to say the least.

A more appropriate approach would be something like “Hi, nice to meet you, would you like to have coffee?” This is a much more reasonable request and most likely wont result in any restraining orders.

Most businesses are so focused on making the sale (getting married) that they skip straight to a marriage proposal and fail to provide an low risk way for prospective customers to find out more about their products and services.

# What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a small “chunk’ of value that solves a SPECIFIC problem for a SPECIFIC market that is offered in exchange for an opt-in. It provides that low risk way for someone to become more familiar with you and your company.

It also gives you the opportunity to share with them some of your best resources and content. This is a critical step in the process of a lead becoming a customer – the evaluation phase.

# Do you have a lead magnet or are you a habitual proposer?

You need to have a quality lead magnet that is well thought out and provides real VALUE and solves a specific problem. It needs to help bridge the gap between stranger and customer.

If you don’t already have a lead magnet for your business or your not getting enough opt-ins from your existing one ask yourself:

  • What problem does my business/service solve?
  • How can I help others achieve a result faster?
  • What do I know that will help others?

# Types of lead magnets

There are many types of lead magnet that you could create for your business. Here are a few to help get your creative juices flowing.

  • Case Studies
  • Toolkit / Resource List
  • Report or Guide
  • Free Download / Trial
  • Assessment / Test
  • Quiz / Survey
  • Cheat Sheets / Handouts
  • Video Training
  • Free Course

# 8 point lead magnet checklist

# Is my lead magnet ultra specific?

They need to offer an ultra-specific solution to an ultra-specific market

# Does it focus on one big thing?

It is always better to focus on and deliver on one big thing than to offer a lot of little ones.

# Does it speak to a known desired end result?

What does your market really want? Discover exactly what they want and offer a lead magnet that promises it. They will gladly give you their contact information (an more importantly their attention) in return.

# Does it provide immediate gratification?

Your market wants a solution and they want it NOW!!

# Does it shift the relationship?

The best lead magnets do more than inform…they actually change the state and mindset of your prospect so they’re more willing to engage in future business with your company.

# Does it have a high perceived value?

Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it should look free. Use professional graphics and imagery to establish real monetary value in the mind of your visitor.

# Does it have high actual value?

If your magnet is all sizzle and no steak, you may get their contact information but you will lose their attention. To win you must promise AND DELIVER the goods.

# Can it be rapidly consumed?

You don’t want your lead magnet to be a roadblock in the sales funnel, so ideally it should be able to be consumed or experienced in 5 minutes or less.

# Conclusion

A solid lead magnet is one of the single most important element of online marketing. If you want to increase the number of qualified leads coming into your business you need to have a lead magnet that offers value to your potential customer.

If you need any help with your lead magnet or are unsure on how to implement it in your business sign up for a free consultation.