# Why I Now Call Facebook, “Fishbook”

As a teenager, I was fortunate in life that my father extracted my brother and I to numerous, summer fishing trips to Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

There I learned many valuable lessons about life and the outdoors, of which I now find, very much apply to business and marketing. One of those lessons was, “Fish where the fish are.” Sounds simply enough, until you actually attempt to cast a line and land a nice Rainbow Trout or two.

As a new fisherman, it would seems that one could cast a line anywhere into a river or lake, making your attempts with any random bait or lure. But if you ever have experienced the pleasure of fishing, you know that there is a science to fishing. You see, trout are pretty smart.

Trout hang out in specific places within a lake or stream, and will only bite on bait or lures that appear to be “native” to their desires and environment.

# Native Advertising & Facebook

Facebook is where the fish [your potential clients] are, hence my coined term — “Fishbook.”

And with native advertising executed correctly, we can now offer tasty bait to those wanting to bite on alluring content. When they bite, we now reel them in with retargeting and email drips campaigns.

With enough casting of great bait to where the fish are, we land some tasty dinner. Just like we attempt to do in business and marketing.