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# Do you know that every problem you have with cash flow is ultimately solved by one activity and one activity only?

That’s right one activity. That’s promotion.

Factually promotion must become your superpower.

Look nothing impacts the cash flow like promotion. Moreover, nothing is more inspiring to you as a business owner or entrepreneur than getting new clients and increasing sales.

According to a US Bank Study, 82% of businesses that fail do so because of lack of cash flow. Only 40% of small businesses in America or profitable, 30% break even, and 30%, get that almost one-third, are continually losing money.

So the big question that you need and I need to answer immediately is, “How do I effectively promote to increase my cash flow on my current budget?” See the cash flow you seek must come from one inexhaustible resource. we got to be able to turn it on and keep it on that very resource is your ability to continually attract, close, and retain new customers.

You must get new customers while retaining the old. Getting new customers is silver the other one is gold. when you master both promotional activities, to existing clients a new clientele, you increase your cash flow

# Every problem the world is really solved with promotion.

Think about it; you need more money and better cash flow? Then you better promote yourself your product or service really efficiently. You need to get funding for something needed. You need to promote the hell out of it and only then will you get the money.

Money does solve problems. It may not make you happy but it does solve a lot of problems, and it can make a lot of stress go away.

You can’t get that money and that cash flow without effectively and continually promoting to get that clientele. That’s just a fact. Every business needs promotion to grow and stay profitable.

Promotion is not just a one-off it’s not something you do you know an hour day or one week out of the month. Promotion must be continual and rolling forward 24/7. You need to be hitting it with your marketing, your public relations, your social media, your video, your sales calls, your emails, and everything else.

# When you master promotion, you will master cash flow, and that’s just the fact of life.

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